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Colored Space
We Fight To Keep The Light!

The World faced its imminent end when a fireball full of Gemons was sent to destruct Earth by the evil Natura.  This same day, hope was birthed in the form of four African American brown and black women, Barbara, Blondie, Sunita and Golden.  These women were born with the disability of blindness from birth.  Coincidentally, they were brought  together as they learned to live life on their own terms while managing a powerful gift.  Their gift is the ability to conquer the darkness and the evil that's taking over thhe light in people. Their childhood bond  propelled them to form The Shade Squad.   The Shade Squad made a life comittment to use their gifts to fight off Natura, the evil of darkness who brings chaos to the World when the sun goes down.

Image by Efe Kurnaz
The World Is Worth Fighting For