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Image by Efe Kurnaz
Meet Sunita
sunita profile.jpg

Sunita is a mixed African American/Indian woman (Persian descent). 


She grew up with a distinct knowledge of her familys' traditions and culture throughout her life.

Her family was rumored to be far descendants of the great Mumtaz Mahal. 


Having this daily knowledge helped her to grow a love of history which rooted her in her career as a Historian and Professor. 

She became passionate about teaching others their lineage and about past occurrences in history.

She has the power to see the past for what it created and forecast the future for individuals while building a plan of action.

She helps individuals  rediscover their identity with the power of history and creates a path for them to not only see where they came from, but where they are going.


Sunita uses the Relic Book to plot and plan for the future of others to help them have an impactful and purpose-filled life.  She gives them a strategy to live by.

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