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Image by Efe Kurnaz
Meet Barbara

Barbara is a dark chocolate complected woman. 

Her family is from the continent of Africa.  Her father primarily originated from Nigeria. Her mother originated from the Caribbean Islands, a small place called Dominica, near Guadalupe.

She is powered in skillful battle.  Is able to create anything from minor tools and can bring the beauty out of all things.

In her profession as a beautician, she makes individuals see themselves naturally and is skilled in uncovering the beauty in anything. 


She redefines individual standards by unearthing confidence.

She helps her clients with the power of attention to detail while reminding them of their uniqueness.  Her power of unearthing originality and awakeing the style and grace of anyone is a skill she has mastered.

Barbara uses a Shear Snip to cut away the uncertainty her clients have about their uniqueness and helps them to recognize their potential and power.

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